About NeoSoar Inc.

Concepts: “Process valuable information correctly” Become number one eBook platform.

The team:

Development team of NeoSoar Inc. is experienced in software design and development. Involved in multiple products.

Such like cloud service design and construction, financial system, security system, client-server based system and CAD system.



2010/08 Company established

2011/06 NeoSoar eBook Store becomes online

2011/08 NeoSoar eBooks passed Adobe certification

2011/12 Tsai-Hsing School adopted NeoSoar’s NeoLesson service

2012/03 Highly approved by Datalogics (subsidiary company of Adobe). White paper of service is available here http://www.datalogics.com/pdf/wp/Neosoar-v4d.pdf

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